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Tunney Associates offers complete architecture and interior design services. We have 27 years of experience and are based in Killingworth, CT serving clients throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.

Tunney Associates has received considerable recognition for design excellence on a variety of projects, including many with strict budget limitations.

Our designs have been showcased in many publications, including House Beautiful, Country Living, Homeowner, Solar Home Building and Remodeling, Consumer Report Books' Interior Design On Your Own, Taunton Press, The New Cottage Home as well as on HGTV.


  • We'll help translate your needs and wants into design solutions.
  • We'll provide detailed architectural drawings including construction documents.
  • We can help you obtain bids for construction.
  • We can observe the contractor's work for you.

Call Tunney Associates for architectural and design services. We look forward to helping you.

Tunney Associates

Architects & Designers

112 Oakwood Trail

Chester, CT 06412

Phone: 860-526-8899 Fax: 860-526-8225

e-mail: architect.a@sbcglobal.net

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